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Corporate Shifting

Corporate Shifting

Gati Packers and Movers Corporate Shifting

Company and employee moves can be difficult. We at Gati Packers and Movers understand the importance of moving your employees safely, quickly, and economically. When you move your employee with Gati Packers and Movers services, your company can save up to 75 percent on a moving truck and thus keep high relocation costs down.

We are a team of experienced professionals in the field of moving and transferring companies and large companies. Thanks to our remarkable experience, we have become a company specializing in the relocation of offices, workshops, and stores to adapt to our partners’ changing conditions and requirements.

Entrusting your move to a structured and well-known company allows your relocation to run smoothly. It is for this reason; we will put at your disposal professionals to transfer your furniture in the best conditions; because our organization is impeccable.

Our commercial and technical services will be at your disposal for:

  • Understand your constraints related to the transfer of your premises
  • Organize your project to reduce your shortfalls
  • Optimize the time taken to carry out each operation according to the importance of your internal services

Company shifting Process followed by us

Our corporate shifting process involves systematic planning, labeling, conditioning, handling, and transport.

Plans, labeling

Organizing the location of furniture at the destination is essential. Our advisers are there to help companies in the selection of furniture and their installation. A general and detailed plan by the office or by zone in the case of open space must be edited. Subsequently, each piece of furniture, each box, each object must be labeled with the right color that determines the floor, the correct number that determines the room or zone, and the letter that specifies the precise location.

The conditioning

The boxes of files and archives are generally made by the employees of the company. Information technology has considerably reduced the quantities of paper in companies, and in general, 10 boxes per employee are sufficient. In this context, the employees themselves pack their belongings with their tracking method while taking care to label the box correctly according to the plan provided to them. In the case of archive rooms, we can intervene in the packaging, but in most cases, we will use rolling cabinets, which will allow us to save precious time.

Handling, transport

The use of trolleys, rolls, rolling cabinets is more than necessary to increase productivity and limit physical efforts. Trucks with very low loading sills and ramps are starting to replace traditional hatchback trucks. This allows us to load and empty a truck in record time. Discover our company moving services for professionals New Gati offers exclusively for businesses an archiving and recycling service that adapts to your confidentiality needs. Our professional team puts at your disposal its expertise in the transfer of companies, offices to allow you to return to your premises as soon as possible.